Little Things You Should Know Before You Lease Pt. 2

Make Sure You're Really Being Shown The Costs!

Make Sure You're Really Being Shown The Costs!

This is the second of two posts on ways you can end up overpaying on your next copier in Fort Collins.   In the first article, I mentioned the importance of getting an itemized quote for what your really need (and how that can easily save you $1,000 dollars).   The second part is where copier reps get sneaky.   It’s not good, and if you’re not careful, you can end up with a significantly larger monthly bill at the end of your lease than you started with.

Copiers are fairly standard machines, and each model has its pros and cons.   A good way to look at  price comparisons is to check out the compare copiers page, which allows you to compare apples to apples prices for your Fort Collins copier needs.

Anyway, back to the part where I tell you how not to get a much worse deal than you’re planning on: watch out for consumable price raise allowances.   Copier consumables are expensive, and they almost always get more so each year.   Copier companies realize this, so they generally insert a clause in that has a 5% or more a year allowance.   Sometimes this is a good deal, because it means they’re not over charging you on toner and maintenance.   However, if it’s much more than 5%, you’re probably going to get charged the full percentage allowance.   Some companies add up to 15% each year to your copier lease…that’s a monthly bill that can really squeeze your profit margin if you’re a smaller business or do a lot of copying.

On your next copier lease in Fort Collins, ask for a detailed price quote including the consumables allowance.   Do the math to make sure you know what your lease will really look like!   Give me a call for a detailed copier quote on your next copier lease in Fort Collins.