If You’re a New Business, Don’t Let Copiers Keep you From Getting Off The Ground

If you're trying to get your business off the ground, copiers help or hurt!

If you're trying to get your Fort Collins business off the ground, copiers help or hurt!

There are a lot of expenses that go into your small business in Fort Collins.   One of the necessary expenses is your print and copier needs.   Small business owners who negotiate successfully on every other supply often seem to be the ones who end up over-paying on their Fort Collins copier bills.   This is unfortunate as most businesses I deal with are usually paying at least 20% more on their current copier, color copier, and print budget than they actually need to!   Some of this is due to ignorance.   Some is due to being oversold by a copier rep (see the previous article!).   And some is due to wasteful office practices.

Copier budgets (if managed frugally and efficiently) can help you make sure your resources are being used wisely.   Instead of paying for features and copies your not using (a common mistake!), you’ll know that the $1,000 you saved on finishing options can be replaced by a $15 dollar stapler and a three hole punch!   In a compeditive business environment, monthly and up-front savings can be the difference between getting your Fort Collins business off the ground, or having to fold.

For tips, advice, and print analysis, and copier comparison give me a call for a solution that is tailored to your business needs in Fort Collins.