Getting Big City Color Cost Without Big City Pressure…

Don't Get Pressured Into a Bad Printer Decision in Fort Collins!

Don't Get Pressured Into a Bad Printer Decision in Fort Collins!

Sure you could buy a $10,000 color copier in Fort Collins, but really all you need are some color brochures to give to your customers.  If you do Marketing brochures, the prints are almost always more expensive than advertised.  Why?  A little secret in our industry is called coverage.  If your whole page is covered in Yellow, you will have about 100% coverage.  What if it is Orange…  well, now you are closer to 200% coverage (Yellow + Magenta (mostly)…)

Now, why does this matter?  If you were to buy an HP ColorLaserJet 4700DN,  you would spend about $.12 per color print based on HP’s estimate…  but this is all based on 20% color coverage.  Now you may indeed do 20% color coverage, it is the business document average, after all.  But if this is a Marketing application, it is more likely to average 50% to 60% coverage.  What does this mean for you?  The $.12 per color print has just gone to $.30 – $.36 per color print.  Wow…  What the printer companies won’t tell you.  (It’s really our job to educate you on this, but very few do…)

We have a program that can get you closer to $.06 per color print, regardless of your coverage.  It comes with the Xerox Phaser 8860 color printer.  If you want to see how this program works and if it makes sense for you, please give us a call for your color laser printer needs in Fort Collins!