Xerox Colorqube 8900 for Fort Collins

The Xerox Colorqube 8900 comes to Fort Collins

The businesses of Fort Collins are a tech savvy group. When Xerox decided to bring a new line of MFP out, they knew that the product would be great. The new Colorqube 8700 has many features that a modern business can use. From the 320 gig internal hard drive to the network capabilities, this technological marvel is a wonder for the ages.

The quality of the printing is phenomenal. With vibrant colors that work off cartridgeless ink sticks, every page stands out. The blues are deep and the yellows are bright. Even the black has a luster that many similar machines can’t match. The Colorqube does the job of copying and printing well.

What about being in the digital age? The 8900 has the office covered. With networking that is accessible by any device, from a mobile phone to a high tech supercomputer, the Colorqube helps to tie the office together. Documents can be transferred to and from the machine via wifi, without the need to move from the desk. What if you want to transfer data the old-fashioned way? There are USB and SD slots for those needs as well.

For questions about the Colorqube 8700 or any other Xerox product, give us a call today. We would love to talk!