Used Copiers in Fort Collins

color-copierA startup or a well established business both may want to look at a used copier, and for completely different reasons.  Maybe for the startup it is all about cost.  It is the copier that will be used in the office and that is all they can afford.  For the established company, maybe it is simply a backup copier, and not the one everyone uses on a day to day basis, or a copier for a specific project.

When buying a used copier in Fort Collins, there are several things you need to pay particular attention to:

  • The meter on the machine.  This is like the number of miles on a car
  • The way the copier will be serviced going forward
  • When was the copier originally made
  • Are there still parts available for the copier?
  • What is the cost compared to new?

There are a lot of factors when looking for a used copier in Fort Collins, these are just a few.

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