Copier Ownership in Ft Collins CO

Xerox-WC7425Buying and owning a copier whether for business or home can be a frustrating venture. Pahoda copiers in Fort Collins are often a cheaper option over a regular printer. It’s not always the case so be sure to do your research. The overall cost of the copier vs printer takes into consideration the cost per page printed, the ink or toner for the device, and the cost of the overall machine. Just because a printer might seem cheaper overall, the cost of running the machine might not equal out the same.

Once you’ve figured the prices and overall costs to decide whether your Pahoda Fort Collins machine is best for you, ask do you want to copy or scan only? Are you solo or are you connecting to a network? If you need FAX capability, will you need it frequently and do you have a landline for the process?

Once your Fort Collins home or office is prepared for your Pahoda machine, remember leasing a machine might not be your best choice. While in the short term you could save money with a lease, overall you do have to return the machine and pay for the next one. Ownership means once you pay, the machine is yours for long haul.