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Getting a Used Copier?

While you may get it for a great price, used copiers often come with concerns of their own. For example, does the copier come with a warranty? Also, how much useful life remains on the used copier? When looking at used copiers, all of these concerns are valid. However, we also recommend that you ask these questions:
Who Owned the Copier Before?
What Will Be the Purpose of This Machine?
How Much Will I Have to Use This Copier?
Will I Save More Purchasing a New Copier?

Each of these questions can help you to save money. Before you buy a used copier, you must first decide its purpose. For example, it does not make sense to purchase a black-and-white copier when you need color. The first mistake that people will often make when they go to buy a used copier is they forget what they need it for. They focus entirely on the price, but they have priced the copier lower for a reason. While some used copiers are a fantastic deal, you should never lose sight of the bigger picture when looking at one.

How is the lease payment determined?

Banks, aka leasing companies, use what they call a lease rate factor. We take the dollar amount being financed and multiply it by the lease factor. On a five year lease it is approx .02 and on a 3 year it is approx .03. This means a $10,000 copier on a 3 year lease would be $300 a month. The same copier on a 5 year lease is $200 a month.

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