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Advanced Solutions Kept Simple by Fort Collins Copier

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We are an authorized platinum Xerox partner and we can sell Xerox solutions including the Altalink and Versalink products as well as the solutions like the legal and healthcare Apps.  

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When we prepare our quotes, we give you a realistic number and not the cheapest number and then a bunch of add on costs AFTER you say yes.

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Maybe you are ready to get some numbers and do your comparisons.  We are happy to take part in this process to help you find the best copier deal in Fort Collins.  

Get the BEST Xerox Copier for your office!


Get a NEW or USED Copier!

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We only use the best parts and the best supplies for our service contracts.  We make sure you have these parts when needed.

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All of our service contracts have maintenance performed by Xerox.  You know your technician has been deeply trained on the product they are working on.

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We do not believe most copier issues should take days to resolve when we can make someone available to help you connect your copier anytime!

Still Need Some More Info?

Can You Help Me Understand the Quote I Am Getting?

There is no sense getting a copier when you don't know the basics of what you are being sold.  We take the time to help make sure you are getting the best copier for your business and we itemize and explain our quotes.  Of course, if you have done lots of leases in the past, we can skip past most of this.  We are here to help your company.

  • Learn the difference between FMV and $1 Out Lease
  • Learn about end of terms fees that can apply
  • Learn about escalation costs and why we don't charge them
  • Learn about lease rates
  • Get the copier that fits your business the best and will give you the least amount of headaches!
What is a Lease Factor?

Banks, aka leasing companies, use what they call a lease rate factor. We take the dollar amount being financed and multiply it by the lease factor. On a five year lease it is approx .02 and on a 3 year it is approx .03. This means a $10,000 copier on a 3 year lease would be $300 a month. The same copier on a 5 year lease is $200 a month.

Do You Sell USED Copiers?

While you may get it for a great price, used copiers often come with concerns of their own. For example, does the copier come with a warranty? Also, how much useful life remains on the used copier? When looking at used copiers, all of these concerns are valid.


However, we also recommend that you ask these questions:

  • What Will Be the Purpose of This Machine?
  • How Much Will I Have to Use This Copier?
  • Will I Save More Purchasing a New Copier?

Each of these questions can help you to save money. Before you buy a used copier, you must first decide its purpose. For example, it does not make sense to purchase a black-and-white copier when you need color. The first mistake that people will often make when they go to buy a used copier is they forget what they need it for. They focus entirely on the price, but they have priced the copier lower for a reason. While some used copiers are a fantastic deal, you should never lose sight of the bigger picture when looking at one.