Black and White Copiers

Banner-Copier-GalAs people start looking at Black and White Copiers, there is always a dance that occurs.  Do you stay with the provider you have used for years or get competitive quote?  If you get quotes, how do you know whether you should believe the new reps or not?  These are all legitimate questions you have to deal with.  So, you are looking for a Black and White Copier?  What do you look for?

Here is a short list of our top things to look for.

  1. Tabloid or Letter/Legal…  What’s the max size you copy?
  2. Speed needed?  Why THAT speed?  Is it because it needs to get jobs out quickly, but they are short jobs?  If that is the case, you need to be looking at the TTFP (Time to First Print) specs, not the pages per minute specs.
  3. Fax Needed?
  4. Finisher Needed?
  5. What sort of scanning does the copier need to do for you to be happy?

Don’t just assume all copiers will do all jobs because they don’t.  If you have specific needs, make sure you spell all of those out before meeting with your copier rep in Fort Collins!  If you would like a copier quote, please give us a call!