Color Copiers

Color CardHave you had a monochrome copier for years and now are getting ready to take the plunge into color copying?  Well, before you dive in, make sure you spend some time to learn some tricks of the trade.  This site will help you to understand the copier business and how to avoid huge mistakes and hopefully help build some trust so that we can be your color copier provider in Fort Collins.

If you are looking for a color copier, some of the basics to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off would be:

  1. Know if you need Color or Black and White (for real)
  2. Know if you need Tabloid or not…  (It’s about a $3,000 decision)
  3. Know if you need finishing or not (It’s a $1,500 decision)
  4. Know if your coverage is high or if it’s low. (Yes it matters)

As you know the answers to these questions you’ll be further than 80% of the people I speak to on a daily basis about color copiers in Fort Collins.