How to Save a Bundle on Your Next Copier Purchase!

Save a Bundle on Your Next Copier in Fort Collins!

Save a Bundle on Your Next Copier in Fort Collins!

Are you beginning to research copiers and are trying to figure out what to buy and who to buy it from?  Well, there are some tips which can help you save a bundle if you put them into practice!

  • Determine your needs.  This is the first step to a successful implementation of a new copier!  Do you need to print, scan,copy, fax, scan to network, scan to E mail or a combo of those?  Do those need to be in color or black and white? Do they need to be tabloid or letter/legal?
  • Determine your potential providers.  Find 2 or 3 reps you can trust.  The more is not merrier here.  If I know I am going to be competing with 14 other reps, I will generally bow out graciously.  Why?  Because i know someone will low ball and most customers are not knowledgeable enough to realize the “too good to be true deal” is just that.  In these scenarios, people are rarely willing to allow a real TCO comparison and they just look and go by what “seems like the best deal.”  When this is the case, what happens is usually the slickest sales rep will win and I am not that, so I am likely to lose that sort of deal.  From your side of the fence, do you really want 20 calls a day asking how the copier purchase process is going?
  •  Determine your budget.  DO NOT use the current budget as the basis of this determination.  Many people have seriously over bought or under bought. A good rep will see if he can fit your needs within your budget and will EXPLAIN to you when you are being unrealistic.  If they never seem to think something could be a problem, they are probably not very good.

The more you know about what you need the more equipped you will be for purchasing a color copier in Fort Collins or a Black and White Copier in Fort Collins.