Time to Lock up Copier Savings in Fort Collins!

How to Lock in Copier Savings

How to Lock in Copier Savings

There are more and more cost per print plans out there.  Instead of just your copiers, now we’re looking at your printers.  Why?  Because the numbers of pages produced by copiers has drastically been reduced over the last 3years and the number of prints continue to rise.  Much of this is owed to scanning technology and the fact most people have access to scanned documents so copiers are not as necessary as they were 20 years ago to efficiently run a business.

Have you been thinking about signing up for a cost per print plan?  If you have been, here are a few good things to remember…

  1. If you are buying a color copier in Fort Collins, make sure there is not a penalty if you go over 20% coverage.
  2. If you get a tabloid machine, make sure you really need it.
  3. If you are getting a cost per print quote, also get a competitive quote.
  4. Make sure the cost per print plan includes maintenence
  5. Worry more about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than your initial price
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Lot of them.

As you are more involved in the process and understanding what you need, you are more likely to get it from your copier company in Fort Collins.  if you do not have a company or are frustrated, or just want a quote…  please give us a call right away to discuss your copier needs.