Does Going Green Have to Cost You a Ton?

Going Green with Your Next Copier

Going Green with Your Next Copier

Green, Green, Green, this and the economy are about all we hear about these days.  At Fort Collins copier, we support green initiatives, but some of the programs out there are more fluff than reality.  All the manufacturers know that going green can help them make sales.  So, how can you weed through who is actually going green and who’s just talking to make sales?  What can you look for?

  • Copiers that come packaged with easily recyclable materials rather than the old standbyes are a good place to start.  Kyocera is probably the best right now…
  • Copiers that use lower power amounts for the same speeds
  • Copiers that use less ink or safer inks
  • Copiers that produce no ozone
  • Copier companies that have good recycling plans available for out of order broken units.

This would be a great place to start.  Now, the good news is the most environmentally efficient copiers also happen to be the cheapest copiers to run.  So, going green doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact your costs are likely to go down and not up if you consider the environment.  As us how we can help your office go green!