Little Things You Should Know Before You Lease Pt. 1

Copier Secrets Your Rep Probably Isn't Telling You

Copier Secrets Your Rep Probably Isn't Telling You

Here in Fort Collins, like the rest of the country, copier reps are paid on commission.   Now, I know you won’t believe this, but sometimes we are tempted to sell you something that (shock!) makes us more money!   This isn’t generally good for the consumer.   So, as a copier rep who actually cares about helping people be green, I think I should tell you something.   The greener the copiers, generally, the less our profit margin.   This is because greener copiers are less expensive, smaller, but just as capable of meeting your office needs.

One of the ways you’ll end up padding your Fort Collins copier rep’s commission is by accepting all of the copier finishing options he or she will try to talk you into.   These are often unused features that really bump up the cost of your copier (usually around $2,500 on mid-sized to large copiers).   They’re often unnecessary drawers (using more petroleum-based material than you need), trays, and other little things like staplers.   Now, if you legitimately need a booklet maker, you should absolutely have it on your copier.   If however, you think “it might be nice,” you’re probably paying $1,000 for a feature you’ll use twice on your monochrome or color copier.

If cost and being greener are important to your Fort Collins business, ask your rep for a complete proposal (with copier speed, functions, and all finishing options itemized).   This will allow you to only choose the options you need while not wasting petroleum-based manufacturing products…or your cash.   Give me a call for an itemized quote on your next copier in Fort Collins.