Don’t Become the Target of a Greedy Copier Rep!

Are You a Target?

Are You a Target?

I have dealt with two companies in Fort Collins this week that have OVERBOUGHT on their last copier to such an extreme that I had to ask “are you sure” about 5 times in each situation.

In the first situation, it was an architechture firm who had spent about $20,000 on their last copier to print just 800 color copies a month and 1200 Black and White Copies.  Yes, 2,000 copies a month for 3 years and spent over $20,000.00 … If you work out the math, and count color and black and white as equal (which they aren’t) this company has been spending more than $.27 per copy.  I think this was a severe overkill.

Situation #2 had a title company with about 3,000 pages a month and they bought a 55 page per minute black and white machine on a 63 month lease.  They spend about $375 a month for these prints.  (That’s what her contract costs a month.)  Do the math again and you’ll see that she’s paying $.125 per print.  problem is, none of them are color prints.

There are a lot of copier reps who want to over sell you.  We don’t subscribe to this theory.  if you have been getting hosed over by your copier company, feel free to call them so they can do it some more, or call us and get a competitive quote here in Fort Collins.