Faxing in Fort Collins – Alternatives

Are You Using Old Technology?

Are You Using Old Technology?

The  fax machine has been a staple of businesses for as long as most of us can remember.  With familiarity, there is always (ALWAYS) a resistance to change.   This is true with the office copier as much as it is with anything else.   I thought I would use this post as an opportunity to talk about why scanning is generally better than faxing.

  1. Scanning or Scan to Email is better because when you send a scan to someone’s E mail, you can prove they received it…  A fax can always be lost.
  2. Scanning and E mailing doesn’t cost money to do “long distance.”
  3. Scanning has clearer image quality
  4. Scanning has the document already in electronic format, like most people want
  5. Scanning if faster than faxing

Maybe you fax because your customers make you.  That’s a fair reason to keep using a fax.  If you are asking people to fax ir offering to fax, you need to experience scan to E mail (done well)!