Do You Feel Like a Slave in Your Copier Lease?

Don`t Be a Slave to Your Copier Lease!

Don`t Be a Slave to Your Copier Lease!

Do you have a 5 year lease on your copier here in Fort Collins and wish you had not signed the lease at all?  Unfortunately, you are not alone in this feeling, but there are still some basic steps you can take if you are in this position.  First, you will need to identify WHY you are in this position in the first place.  Is it that you overbought initially, the copier is always broke, or you started a business or got the copier when business was booming and now it is not?

Here are some basic steps you can take to lighten the load this copier is placing on you.

If you overbought —  Check and see if your church, social clubs, or friends in industries like Real Estate could use some volume and pay a low amount for the use of the copier in Fort Collins.  If you signed up for too many pages, you are not using these pages anyway, you may as well get something.

If you went out of business or downsized — See if the copier company or leasing company will allow you to sublease the equipment.  Again, you will lose money, just not as much.

If it is a piece of crap — This one gives you the most leverage as you can go to the copier leasing company (the people who paid your copier company cash) and tell them that your copier company can´t seem to fix the copier and you are having constant issues.  They will want a record they can compare with your copier company, so if you are not keeping track of service calls, start doing so or contact your copier company in Fort Collins for help.