Are You Looking for a Copier in Fort Collins?

Let the RTatrce Begin!

Let the Ratrace Begin!

 What’s the worst thing ever?  Well, barely behind that is the normal occurance of having 15 printer and copier reps all trying to fight for your business.  It’s a rat race for sure, everyone trying to climb to the top of the mountain.  We are  a pushy lot, by nature…  so it means that each rep will call you multiple times and at the end, you get short with everyone!  You just get tired of so many sales calls.  So, what can you do?  You boss wants to make sure you are making the best investment for your money here in FC.  So, you get as many quotes as you can.  There is a problem with this logic though.

If I find out a customer is talking to more than 3 copier reps, it tells me several things.  1) They are going to grind everything down to a halt about 100 times because the pleothera of info will cause freezes in action. 2) They are likely to find someone who’ll give something away, and even if it is a bad fit, it won’t matter because customers generally want to feel like they are getting a good deal, not actually buy the best copier for their needs and get a good value in doing this. 3) They are unlikely to be efficient or pull the trigger fast because everytime they try to, there will be 9 voices telling them not to.  It’s hard to make any decision, because almost all decisons are “wrong.”

So what can you do?

  • Limit quotes to 2 or maybe 3 companies and tell the rep to be competitive because you are getting a quote from another company.
  • Have a budget for a copier so you don’t waste a bunch of time.
  • Have a max budget (but don’t tell this number to the copier reps), so you can see if what you get is in line with what’s suggested.
  • Call your reps back with action steps and your planned stages for decisons.  “Thanks for the quote, we are going to make a decison next Friday.  You can call next Thursday to go over your quote so I can understand it before we make our final decison.” — A customer who did this would be worth going the extra mile for in terms of price!

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