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Xerox WorkCentre 4260 Product Review

WorkCentre 4260 by Xerox

WorkCentre 4260 by Xerox

Xerox has become more competitivc  in the copier market since launching the WorkCentre 4260 Copier.  I don’t feel it is quite as good of a value as the Lexmark X658dfe, but it is close, and if the logo on the front of the box matters to you, Xerox is a name that is hard to go wrong with. 

Why would you want to consider the WorkCentre 4260 copier in Fort Collins?  First of all, it starts under $3,000 for a 55 page per minute copier.  HP has some models like the HP Laserjet 4515 which costs almost as much and is only a printer.  Xerox, HP, Lexmark, and Sharp have all been pushing what is called A4 copiers.  This does not support tabloid printing, but has a strong engine that goes fast at a fraction of the cost of the big copiers.

If you would like a demo or to just talk more about your copier needs, please give us a call!