Is Your Fort Collins Copier Costing a Bundle?


Many companies in Fort Collins are spending a ton on their printers and their copiers.  The Gartner Group estimates that 3% of a companies revenues are spent on printing and copying.  This is a massive number.  Especially if you conside for a $10,000,000 a year company, we would expect $300,000 to go to printers and copiers.  The biggest issues is most of these remain unmanaged.

If you own a company, do you know how much each page costs you?  If you are like 95% of the customers without a print management strategy in Fort Collins, you do not.  This would be like owning a fleet of vehicles and having NO IDEA what gas was costing you.  Laser Printers which are unmanaged, are almost always expensive.  Copiers are just as bad.

What do you need to do?

  1. Stop Buying!!  Assess where you are, how many pages are being printed, by whom, etc
  2. Have analysis (either internal or external) done so you can look for cost savings or headache saving measures for your organization
  3. Call us for a free on site assessment!