Accessories – How Much is too Much?

Is Your Copier Company Robbing You through Accessories?

Is Your Copier Company Robbing You through Accessories?

Drawers, Fax options, Scan kits, data security kits, extra memory, finishers and extra drawers… all of these have a cost.  Many customers will take “all the bells and whistles” not knowing what this can do to the bottom line.  the average finisher costs about an extra $1,000.  An extra drawer, on average $350. Fax option at least $500.   If you are not using one of these options, you are paying too much.

So, why aren’t the accessories included in the cost?  (If yours are, you are still paying for them…)  Basically, the simple answer is the manufacturers know not everyone needs them, so why put themselves at a competitive disadvantage when a well educated consumer starts looking into these costs.

If you need a printer or copier, do your best to get only the options you need as the additional options always cost more money.

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