Xerox ColorQube 9201, 9202, and 9203 for Fort Collins?

Xerox's ColorQube -- Is it Right for Your Fort Collins Business?

Xerox's ColorQube -- Is it Right for Your Fort Collins Business?

If you are unfamiliar with solid ink technology, you have missed out on a pretty big factor in the printing and copying world.  Xerox bought Tektronix back in the day and the main reason was for this technology.  There are good parts as well as bad, but most people who use this technology in Fort Collins really really love it!  It can make cheap paper look like you spent money on glossy paper (because wax is shiny)…

The Colorqube 9201, ColorQube 9202 and ColorQube 9203 are interesting players in the copier market because they cost more than traditional copiers up front, but their operating costs are so much lower that this initial gap can be overcome.  A good time to start taking a look at the Xerox ColorQube in Fort Collins is when you do 5,000 or more color prints per month.

We are currently in the process of being Xerox authorized on this product for Colorado markets.  If you need the ColorQube 9201, ColorQube 9202 or the Colorqube 9203 today, we would not be able to help you.  Assuming all goes well with Xerox, we will go from being a Peak reseller to a Peak Premier reseller meaning at that time, we can sell the ColorQube.  We are hoping this is within the next month or so.  Whether you wait for us to be authorized or push forward and find an authorized Xerox Agent is your choice, but we feel this will be great for companies with high color volume and low thresholds for error.