Fort Collins Copier $ Savings Tips!

Fort Collins Copier Savings Tips 
When you meet with Fort Collins copier reps, remember they work on commission. They make more money when you spend more money. Listen to them, and you may find yourself buying more copier than your business needs (and spending more than your company can afford).

Extra features you may not need:

*Color – If you can get by with a black and white Fort Collins copier, you can save big bucks.
*Tabloid-size Copies – Adding the ability to print large copies doesn’t make sense for many businesses.
*Collating and Stapling – If you do not print large booklets on a regular basis, you can probably pass on these.

Many times it is best for a small business to buy a durable black and white Fort Collins copier for day-to-day operations and outsource larger printing jobs.