Color Copier or Color Laser Printer?

A Laser Printer or Copier?

Fort Collins: Color Copier or Laser Printer?

Fort Collins is a great place to purchase a copy machine. However, there are situations where a color laser printer might provide a better bargain for roughly the same amount of money. Do you know how to choose between a color copier and a color laser printer?

To determine if a printer might be a better choice than a copier, consider the following list:

• Total monthly print volume – Some companies have an established routine where they use the printer or copier frequently. Their average print volume consistently exceeds 2,000 copies every month.

• What is your budget for up-front costs – Some Fort Collins companies have good credit or are able to finance the costs of a more expensive machine. This can keep the per-click costs down, which saves the company quite a bit of money over the course of several years.

If you are aware of your average print volume, you will be in a good position to choose a cost-effective model. A good place to start is to calculate the total amount that you expect to spend on the unit. Then your can determine if financing an advanced model with a lower per-print price will save you money over the entire life of the machine.

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