Choosing a Fort Collins Copier Dealer

Fort Collins Copier: Choosing a Dealer

Selecting a copier dealer in Fort Collins might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you are shopping around for a copy machine. It would be a mistake to overlook the potential impact that a dealer can have on your business operations. The effects of the decision you make today might live with you many years after the deal is closed.

How do you know which company will provide you with respectful, attentive and courteous service?

• Do your research. Many dealers have reputations, but you can only find out by asking.

• Make sure your dealer is willing to communicate openly. If they are not willing to do it today, chances are they will not change in the future.

• Assess their relationship with a manufacturer. There might be both advantages and drawbacks.

Fort Collins dealers might use a variety of talking points. If you have time to talk to at least a few of them, you will quickly become familiar with their jargon. Copier dealers in Fort Collins may include Lewan, Xerox, Pahoda and All Copy.

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