Xerox Colorqube Copiers in Fort Collins CO

If you are a copier buyer in Fort Collins, you may be looking at the Colorqube copier. 

The Colorqube copier is a great copier and the best thing about the copier is the multiple billing meters.  Initially slightly more confusing you will see how it can save your company money.  In the traditional cost model color copies cost, say 10 cents and black and white was 1.5 cents per copy.  What Xerox has done is created a billing model that charges based on the amount of color put on the page rather than if there are any color pixels on the document.  In the Xerox Colorqube model, a tiny amount of color…  say the size of your thumb or smaller is billed at a black and white rate rather than a color rate because you’re not using a lot of color.  If you traditionally did a ton of prints with a small color logo and that’s all, you’ll save $.085 per print.  Do 2000 of those a month and you are saving $170 a month!

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