Lease a Copier in Fort Collins

Fort Collins small business owners often ask us whether it is better to lease or purchase a copier. The short answer is that it depends upon your situation. You should consider several factors before making a decision. One advantage of leasing a copier is that it does not require significant cash up-front. The monthly payment is a fraction of the cost of purchasing a machine. Leasing copiers may offer certain tax advantages as well.

Although it is initially less expensive to lease a copier, you should calculate the cost of financing the deal. For example, the lease agreement on a $10,000 copier could cost $200 per month. If you have a five-year lease agreement, multiply $200 times 60 months. The total cost of your lease would equal $12,000. The $2,000 difference is interest. Businesses must consider the cost of supplies as well as any applicable usage rates and maintenance programs. The contract can be an all-inclusive plan or structured as separate agreements.

If you want to lease a copier in Fort Collins, give our team a call.