Copier Security

Plugging a security hole

Every modern-day company has information security policies in effect. These polices include company documents never leaving the building, employees always wearing a security badge, and an internet that is locked down tight. Yet, there are security holes that many companies don’t think about: The office copier.

A copier is no longer just a machine that copies and prints. It is an operational computer with a CPU, a hard drive, network functionality, and abilities beyond its copying ancestors. This means that everything you do on your copier can be saved and accessed over a network. This is helpful when only one copier that serves an entire office, but it is also a security hole that needs to be plugged.

Make sure your copier has security software installed. If it comes with security software, make sure the software is configured correctly. This information should be in the manual or you can contact your lease company for more information. If in doubt, ask someone from your IT department for help. The computer people are used to setting up devices of this sort.

When returning a copier after the lease is finished, make sure to erase the hard drive of any information that it contains. Otherwise, your secure documents could be walking out the door without your knowledge.