Using the Copier Diagnostic Tools

8700Modern Xerox copiers have built-in diagnostic tools and control panels that display error codes, which identify the reasons for performance issues. Potential problems include sorter bins in the wrong position, open covers, paper jams and overheating fuse units. The copier manual has a list of the error codes and the most likely reason for the message. When an error code appears on the copier control panel, consult the list to determine the appropriate corrective action.

Xerox also has an online diagnostic tool that can identify problems for copy machines connected to your computer network. In some cases, your staff members can correct minor issues, such as clearing a paper jam or properly seating the toner cartridge. Sophisticated copiers have more components and use more error codes to pinpoint problems. Error codes can reveal serious issues that require the assistance of an experienced technician.

Ensure that your staff understands how to use and maintain the copier. This includes loading the paper, installing cartridges and clearing jams. If your copier requires a higher level of maintenance or its time to replace your machine, give our Fort Collins team a call. We can help you explore options that will keep your office running at peak efficiency.