Xerox – Still Innovating Copiers

color-copierStill Innovating

XEROX is one of the enduring companies the present and present century. While the company is best known now for is best in breed copiers and printers. The company began way back in 1906 by making photography paper and in 1959 made the first plain paper copier. The popularity of the first model was so great that in 1961 the company surpassed over $60 million in revenues. Today the company is still innovating products and technologies including an incredible line of copiers, a digital file sharing and sync service, and managed cloud printing. Fort Collins customers looking to get a new copier or printer should consider XEROX because the company has such a strong commitment to leading edge technologies.

Many of the biggest ideas in computing originated in XEROX labs, including the mouse, the graphical user interface window, and even the Ethernet cable. Many of the features we take for granted in copiers today including the automatic document feeder, fax/copier integration, and networking copiers were developed by XEROX. Fort Collins customers should take the opportunity to see the latest technologies that XEROX has to offer today. Go ahead and give your XEROX representative a call today.