Xerox Facts

Facts about XEROX

Some facts about the company, XEROX:

XEROX made the first “dry copier” machine. The “dry copying” process was developed in 1938 by Chester Carlson after conducting a set of experiments in his kitchen that nearly burnt his home down. Carlson ended up joining the company.

XEROX produced inventions such as the first office server, the first desktop computer, the first graphical user interface, the first mouse (then called a pointer), and the first cathode ray tube monitor. All of these inventions were licensed to Steve Jobs who integrated them into the very first Macintosh computer.

XEROX is the only fortune 500 company with a female, African-American CEO of the company.
XEROX makes e-Concierge a web based email interface that harvests data from your copiers and printers, predict when supplies and toner and needed, and allows you to order supplies online. With e-Concierge, downtime is limited.

A XEROX researcher invented the laser jet process in 1969.

XEROX offers cloud based products for file sharing and remote printing from desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. The cloud based offering allows workers to collaborate, edit, and share.

XEROX has recently built a managed print services program for enterprise customers around the globe.

XEROX offers a great trade-in rebate program for copiers from several different brands.
A XEROX sales representative can help you find the right machine for your company.