11 X 17 Copiers in Fort Collins

If you’re looking for a Fort Collins copier vendor, it is a great idea to walk in with a basic understanding of what it is that you need the machine to be able to do. It’s also a good idea to know what features are not important to you, as it is not rare for sales associates to attempt to sell you on features that you may not actually need.

One feature that you might hear about is Tabloid. Some copier machines allow users to copy and print in 11×17. While this might be a great feature for your business, the truth is that many people who dish out extra money for this capability wind up using it very rarely. As such, it is an excellent idea to predetermine whether or not you and your business will need Tabloid capability.

Making decisions like this will allow you to save your business money and wind up with the Fort Collins copier that is perfect for your needs. There is very little sense in paying for features you will never use or will only use once. If you suspect that you might need to use Tablet at some point, it may be cheaper and more efficient to do it off site.