Get to Know Your Copier Provider

Xerox was the first company that was able to develop the “dry copying” process. Chester Carlson came up with it in 1938 after experiments in his kitchen almost led to his house going up in flames.

They were also the first company to invent things like the first office server, desktop computers, graphical user interface and the first mouse (which was call a “pointer” then). They also developed the first cathode ray 8700tube monitor. All of these inventions were then licensed to Steve Jobs who eventually used them in his first version of the Macintosh computer.
Xerox is the only fortune 500 company with an African-American female as the CEO of their company.

They also make the e-Concierge, which is a web based email interface that is able to gather data from copiers and printer which allows you to know when toner will be needed and allows you to order supplies online. 

In 1969 a Xerox researcher invented the laser jet printing process.

Xerox also offers cloud based products for file sharing and printing form remote desktops and other devices. This makes your business much more capable of collaborating and sharing with others.

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