Avoiding Copier Toner Scams

One common trick used by Toner Pirates is trying to impose fear on customers in order to make them purchase from their printing company alone. The most notorious use of this scam is when Toner Pirates tell a company that a certain toner they use is out of stock with all of the other printing manufacturers. They alone have a remaining stock of this toner, and your company has to buy it from them if they want to continue printing.

If you are a Fort Collins company who uses local printing manufacturers for your printing needs, one key thing to remember in this scenario is that it is extremely uncommon for all of the printing manufacturers in the area to be out of a certain printing toner. This trick works on some companies because they fail to do the research and call around to check that the toner is really out of stock.

To ensure that your company does not fall prey to this trick, make sure the IT department or the purchasing department are the sole departments with the authority to purchase toner and other printing supplies. It is also advisable to simply ignore telemarking callers who make grand claims like this. Be smart by doing your research if you hear an extreme claim.