Questions to Ask When Looking at Copiers

When in the market for a new copier in Fort Collins, there are some essential questions to ask yourself in order to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Knowing exactly what copier functions are necessary for your company will help you avoid being sold an overly expensive copier with features that aren’t exactly needed. Some of the questions to decide upon include:

Does your company need the ability to scan documents or will simply copying suffice?
Do you need the capability to integrate the new copier into your company’s computer network? (This would allow for wireless printing and linking computers to the copier.)
Do you need to be able to fax documents? If so, on average, how frequently is this service utilized?
Are you interested in printing solely in black ink or would color ink be necessary?
Would using tabloid be beneficial to the company?
Does your company utilize finishing products such as folding or stapling?

Having an answer ready for all of these questions will give you a clear and concise idea of what type of copier you are looking for in the Fort Collins area. It will also give you the upper hand and save on the overall expense.