More Questions When Buying or Leasing a Copier

Before investing in a copier, these are some crucial questions that should be asked of the distributor:

What is the maximum number of copies per month this machine was intended for overall longevity?
What type of toner is recommended for this specific copier? How much does said toner cost?
Will it be possible to connect the copier to my computer network? If so, is it wireless compatible?
What sort of technical support is available? How quickly can my copier get serviced should it require maintenance?
How long is the warranty on this machine and what all does it entail?
Does the copier have the capability to fold and staple?
What sizes is the copier programmed to allow?
How quickly does it copy documents?
Does it make color copies?
Do you have a bundle option to buy both the copier and the supplies at one time? If so, is there a discounted price for buying both up front?
What sorts of accessories are available with this copier?
Are there any reviews from customers about this copier? If so, what are they?

Having the answers to these questions before purchasing a copier in Fort Collins will ensure you are making an informed decision and eliminate any future problems.