Questions to Ask Before Buying a Fort Collins Xerox

When browsing for your new, used, or refurbished copier, there are many things that you need to consider before taking the plunge. Purchasing a copier or business MFP for your business is kind of a big deal, and it is one that you should take carefully. There are some questions that you should get addressed before you add such an asset to your business process.

  1. What is the copier’s main feature, what can it do, and what do I need from it? There are many contemporary copiers that are referred to as MFPs because they provide multifunctional capabilities. It is almost a standard to incorporate multifunctional capabilities in a business copier, but some may cost extra if you do not carefully itemize these features.
  2. What is my expected amount of prints/copies per month or what is my current print/copies per month? You can start with a estimation on how many copies your business most likely needs, if you don’t have a current volume per month calculation. An estimation is better than nothing. The copier should be able to dish out the number of copies you need with no problem for years to come. If you do not have a calculation, make an estimated forecast, and increase that number by around 20%.