Tips to Get the Most from Your Copier

Would you like to take your copier to the dump at times? Does it seem to have problems every time you turn around? While you truly could have an ogre for a copier, there could be subtle things you are doing that cause it to misbehave. For example, how are you loading and unloading paper? Be gentle. While it might feel great to slam that paper drawer, it never feels good for the copier.

In addition, never leave checks in the copier drawer. These are expensive, and if you leave them unattended, it presents a security risk. Next, you should ask your technician to professionally clean your copier once a quarter or more if you use it heavily. This keeps it running at the optimum level, and it prevents your copier from failing when needed the most.

Do you have copiers that produce pages that are too light or too dark? This often occurs because of the toner or density controls. To prevent this, always use the toner your manufacturer recommends. In addition, if you experience spotting on your pages, check your glass and clean it. In other cases, the dots occur because of the drum or because the drum has debris on it.