How to Save on Toner

While printing color documents can become a fantastic choice for marketing brochures, you have to consider what it will be used for. Color printing can add as much as a 20 percent better response to marketing campaigns, but do you really need to print that page off on the Internet?

When it comes to color printing, people needlessly pay billions of dollars for it. Make color printing a conscious decision.

In addition, you can save on toner cartridges with the function print preview. This lets you see what you will print before you print it, which will help you to avoid unnecessary excess. For documents that will be given to employees, you can save on toner with Draft mode. With Draft mode, your machine obviously uses less toner.

Color cartridges will normally cost more to operate than monochrome, so you should save them. Even though you think you are printing in black-and-white, many copiers continue to use your color cartridges in combination with the black-and-white unless you tell your printer to print everything in monochrome. When you notice a slightly off-black color, this is often because your printer has blended color into your document.