Document Management Systems

What to Look for in a Document Management System

Before you buy a document management system, you first have to look at how the documents will be recorded in the system. If, for example, you will use a copier to scan them, the copier should be compatible with the document management system you will be using. A majority of copier companies offer document management systems. Here are some of the systems:

  • DocMP by Lexmark
  • Flow Store by Xerox
  • KyoCapture by Kyocera
  • NetDocuments by HP
  • DocumentMall by Ricoh

What do these systems have in common? It is not always simple to integrate them into your company. When looking at a document management system, it should index, store and retrieve your documents in a manner that is simple. In addition, it should not matter on the type of copier or scanner that you will be using for the capture element. If you have to use specific manufacturer’s copiers for a document management system, then you might have the wrong platform to begin with. Want a great document management system using the equipment you already own? To learn more, call today!