Document Management and Indexing Documents

Document Management and Indexing

After dealing in document management for years, we have learned one of the biggest questions is, “While we love the system and the idea of finding documents fast, who will index the past 20 years of our paper documents?” This question makes sense when you have file cabinet after file cabinet of paper documents, and the idea of turning them into electronic files seems daunting. However, here’s what we recommend. Use cheap labor and hire a high school student to index the documents.

Why? High school students do not normally dislike the mind numbing work, and you will not have to pay a document management company thousands of dollars to do it for you. We believe that in a single day you can transfer an entire drawer of documents into the electronic format.

Interested in learning more about document management? We have the experience and would love to assist you with questions. We can steer you in the direction of the most promising systems on the market, and we can help you to avoid the ones that we have regularly heard our customers complain about. When you have been working document management systems as long as we have, you develop an expertise that the average individual does not exhibit.