Looking Into Managed Print?

The Terminology for Managed Print

Researching your managed print options? The worst thing about diving into modern technology involves learning the terminology that does not make sense until you have heard it for long enough. Mobile printing refers to printing from a mobile device like a PDA, Smartphone or tablet. Second, we have Cloud printing. In the modern office, Cloud printing has become popular because you can send documents over email to a registered Cloud-enabled printer.

The next term to be aware of is called pull printing. This newer security feature lets you save a print job in the queue until you have authorized it to be printed at the trays. This security feature ensures that only employees with permission to view specific files will have access to them. In addition, it eliminates waste.

Managed print services are a process that includes multiple services. For example, it includes assessment, ongoing management and optimization. You can pay for managed print services at different levels that range from monitoring your cost-per-page to more complex assessments of your workflow. Never let the terminology of modern printing intimidate you. We can help. Call today!