Copier Lease Tricks to Avoid

Banner-Copier-GalShady Copier Lease Tricks

When going to lease, there are fantastic deals that can save you more money than buying upfront. However, there are some copier lease tricks that unscrupulous salesman use that you should beware of. For example, if you ever see a lease form with parts that have been left blank, do not walk, run the other direction. In some cases, copier sales reps have done this and filled in inflated figures for the lease terms later. Before you ever lay pen to a lease, make sure that the form has been completed in pen.

You should also never let a sales representative oversell you on a copier lease. If you have a set limit of features that you want, never overpay for features that you will not use. You might be saying, “What if my business expands, and I need more features?” If you were buying a copier outright, this might be a concern. The advantage of leasing, however, is that you can lease a copier with the option to upgrade. While it becomes easy to upgrade, downgrading on a lease is not as easy, so it is better to start smaller.