Xerox History


February 28th a Date of Distinction in Xerox History

Delivered on February 28, 1960, Xerox’s 914 was the first production model ever sent to a customer. They gave it to the Standard Pressed Steel company, and the company claims it saved them on expenses and countless hours. Everywhere that required an important print job at that time bought the 914 to get the job done. When Xerox first invented the 914, it was the first fully automatic paper copier. It was the result of what Chester Carlson had invented 22 years before.

It took 22 years since the first photocopier to reach the point of a fully automatic machine. After that, it became so easy that a child could use it, which is what an early commercial shows. However, not everyone believed that everyone could use it. George Lois, an executive from the Papert Koenig Lois ad agency, recalls the skeptical response from the FCC. They did not believe a child could use the 914 without having help from an adult. How did Lois, th