Get a fair copier lease

73441If you are in business and don’t own your own copier, chances are you are working with a copier leasing company to fulfill your office equipment needs. We have local, Fort Collins copier sales and leasing representatives who specialize in setting up fair leases with our customers. We always strive to provide great service to all of our customers and wanted to spend a bit of time giving you some things to consider so that you get a fair copier lease. 

If you want to get a fair copier lease, it pays to do your research. Talk to several different copier leasing companies and gather information before making a commitment.  The more aware you are of common schemes, the less likely you are to fall prey to unethical copier leasing companies.

You definitely want to find out whether you will be getting a Fair Market Value lease or a  $1 buyout lease. The Fair Market Value lease is the most common  lease and basically means that at the end of the lease term, your leasing company will tell you what the FMV of the machine is and you have the option to buy it at that time. The $1 buyout lease is exactly what it sounds like. You can buy the copy machine at the end of your lease for $1. Only you can determine what will fit your budget best but it is good to go into the leasing process armed with information.

Call us today to get a fair copier lease. We will work with you to come up with the best option.