The Value of a Copier Lease

We know that it can be a big purchase to get a copier lease. They can be long contracts that you are committing yourself to. This leads people to wonder if they are even worth it. We have a number of options besides simple leases, however at Fort Collins Copier we believe in the value of a copier lease.

Copier leases are the best way to get value for what you pay. A good copier lease gives you so much more than just good prints– it gives you peace of mind.

There is a route that some people take in order to avoid a lease that is a huge mistake. This mistake is to assume that buying a cheap printer from a box store will be a good way to save over a lease. However, this often ends up being disastrous.

You can truly learn the value of a copier lease after dealing with one of these sub-par machines. Your $200 purchase will not be able to produce the same quality of images as a copier you get on a lease. Additionally, it won’t have the same lifespan. If you use your printer heavily then it is unlikely for your machine to last longer than a year.

The most unfortunate thing is that you will be alone once your machine does inevitably break down. You don’t get any kind of maintenance or support without a lease. This is where some of the most value from a copier lease comes from.

Getting a good copier lease can be one of the best ways to ensure that your business has everything that it needs. Give us a call today to learn more about getting a valuable copier lease with Fort Collins Copier.