Secure Files With Your Xerox Copier

When you run a business your clients files and personal information are the most important to keep safe and secure. If you purchase a Xerox copier in Fort Collins, you will no longer have to worry about keeping files secure. Xerox prevents unauthorized access with powerful authentication features including network authentication, smart cards, and role-based and function-level login ensure only authorized users can access the device.

Secure Print keeps your documents safe at all times. Jobs are stored in a separate queue until the authorized user is signed in and then the files will be released for printing. While using Secure Print you can release files to certain team members to allow them to print the files as well.

Xerox provides proven security with closed-loop response. This means that files are secure from end-to-end. Xerox has a proactive response system in place to keep devices and information secure by identifying potential threats and warning you of them before they happen. Also, there are updates available often to be sure that your copier is on top of the latest technology.