Xerox Altalink B8055 Multifunction Printer

The Xerox Altalink B8055 Multifunction Printer is great for midsized and large businesses. The Altalink B8055 has an easy-to-use system where you can configure the printer to meet your businesses specific needs! It can print at 55 pages per minute in both black and white and color.

The recommended monthly print volume is 100,000 pages and a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. You’ll have business grade prints all the time, which will keep your clients happy. You can also add apps to help your business function more efficiently with the handy touch screen on your printer. It functions just like your mobile phone, this makes it where anyone can operate and customize this copier! You won’t have to waste time on training because right out of the box all of your employees will be able to easily operate it!

Even if you don’t think you could use all of these features now, you may eventually need them! Call us today if you’re ready to buy a new copier today!