The Xerox Note Converter

There’s no denying that our smartphones have made it easier to go through most of the tasks in our life. But there are a few analog solutions that just can’t be beat. One of the best examples is a handy pen and piece of paper. It’s usually a lot faster to jot down notes onto a piece of paper than it would be to write it on our phones. But doing so means missing out on one of the most important properties of digital documents – sharing.

There’s no denying that digital notes are easier to share than their analog equivalents. It just takes a few seconds to send digital notes to any or all of our colleges. Meanwhile handing people copies of our notes is a time and labor intensive effort.

However, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. You can use the Xerox Note Converter App in the Xerox App Gallery to convert anything we wrote on paper into a Word file. This means we can quickly write a note on paper and then digitize it if we want to share it with others. It’s also a great way to store our handwritten notes in an easy to search format.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when using the app. First, the app uses AI to digitize our writing. AI can be a fantastic tool, but it’s not perfect. The neater the writing the easier it’ll be for the AI to recognize. Basically, if a human might have some trouble with your handwriting then an AI is sure to. Cursive also tends to be harder for an AI to read. All of this means that you should try to write in print rather than cursive. And when you’re writing notes try to keep letters and words neatly lined up to ensure it’s easy for the app to read.

Background images can also confuse an AI’s pattern recognition. A blank piece of paper, or one with simple straight lines, will usually work best. And paper with background images or grids usually produces the worst results.

Do you prefer to take notes in a language other than English? The app has support for all of the ConnectKey languages. Any of those 19 languages are fully recognized by the Xerox Note Converter.

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