Xerox Altalink Copiers in Fort Collins

Are you looking to get a Xerox Altalink copier? We sell and lease copiers in Fort Collins.

  • Xerox Altalink C8130
  • Xerox Altalink C8135
  • Xerox Altalink C8145
  • Xerox Altalink C8155
  • Xerox Altalink C8170

Getting one of these copiers, you will find some important things. One, this copier is amazing on thick paper. Two, it is also awesome for marketing brochures. Finally, it has some great apps to ensure this copier works and connects to some of the software and tools your business already uses like Quickbooks, Dropbox or Google Drive.

We are here to ensure your copier is set up. It will work for your whole staff. We make sure your team can print, scan and make sure everything works as expected. There are fax options, finishing options and other accessories that are available for the Altalink line. We have the best copiers available.

If you are looking to buy or lease a copier, we can help you get it. We are here to make sure you are fully taken care of. Give us a call to see how we can help!