Skewed or Crooked Images on Your Xerox Device?

Positioning problems are fairly common when you’re printing, copying, scanning, or even faxing. This results in skewed and crooked images. But a little troubleshooting will help you locate and fix the underlying source of the pro

Scanning Problems

If you’re finding that images sent to your device are skewed then you’re probably seeing an underlying problem with the scanning functionality. You can usually fix it by going through the following steps.

First, make sure that the document being scanned is an original and in good condition. We often see problems when trying to copy a copy. We should always try to make copies from the original whenever possible. You should also make sure that the item being scanned is free of dust and debris. Debris can also show up in your machine. You should clean the glass and feed rollers during this troubleshooting process. Make sure that there’s no debris in the paper path either.

Finally, make sure that your document is properly positioned by using your devices document guides. You can gently slide your document guides toward your document. The guide should only press lightly onto the side edge of your documents.

Skewed images on printed documents

If a document is scanning correctly but printing incorrectly then you’ll need to go through a different troubleshooting path. It might simply be that debris is pushing the paper out of alignment. You should look in the paper feed to see if there’s any jammed paper or other debris.

Next, ensure that the settings on the paper tray are properly configured for your paper size and that it’s properly loaded. You should also double check the quality of your paper. It needs to match the specifications of your machine.

The paper also needs to be undamaged. Even humidity can create subtle warps in paper that might skew its alignment. This problem can sometimes be fixed by simply flipping the stack of paper onto its opposite side. You can also try to remove some of the paper in the tray before retrying a print job. Overfilling a paper tray will often result in misalignment or jams.

Finally, some Xerox machines have an alignment adjustment setting. If present, this can compensate for skewed or misaligned print jobs.